Signs He’s About to Leave You

1: You don’t have romantic time anymore, just you

You may notice that you are spending less time together, just you two, which could be a sign you are not getting along well. This is especially true if you are being accompanied by your friends to every outing. It is a sign that he wants to leave you if your time together has become a group outing. If he’s flirtatious or his eyes are drawn to other women in the group, this is a sign he’s ready to leave you.

Although the breakup desire may still be present in his subconscious, it is there if he acts that way.

2: He changes his appearance

You might be concerned if your man suddenly appears different or better. Let’s take, for instance, your man is a casual guy who wears t-shirts, jeans, and trainers. If he suddenly starts buying designer clothes, he may be trying to impress other women or subconsciously. It’s the same thing if he just bought cologne when he didn’t use deodorant until then.

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However, if a guy is happy in a relationship, he may let go of his own self-care. This could be a problem with today’s pressure to be healthy or fit. This is a human tendency. When we are single, or think we are, we take’special’ care, whereas when we are in a relationship, we do not. If your man starts to take’special’ care, it could be a sign that he is thinking or acting’single again.

2: He is in a bad mood or too critical of you

Does he seem to be interested in everything you have to say? Do you feel like he doesn’t care if you tell a funny, great story? Or does he seem bored and uninterested in your ideas? Do you feel like a stranger is treating you unfairly and you only hear him complaining about it? Are you feeling like he has started to criticize you without any real reason or become judgmental about you when he used praise or compliment you before? Are you finding that he is becoming irritable, moody, and snappy? This could be a sign that your partner is ready to leave you. If you feel that he is becoming hostile towards you and the relationship, you may be right. He’s psychologically torturing your in this way because he’s acting out his frustration. Sometimes he may feel frustrated or bored in the relationship, but unable to change it. This is why a man can psychologically torture you in this way. The key is to not take it personally.

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4: He’s not available anymore.

Is he so busy with work that he has less time to spend with you? Are you suddenly the one making the effort to keep in touch? Are you making more phone calls than he does to you? Are you getting unusually slow replies to your emails and text messages? Are you getting less response time from him, if any? Is he cancelling a few of your dates lately? Is he not planning on anything in the future (holidays and living arrangements) or avoiding the topic when you raise it? These are signs that he is trying to “get out” of the relationship, subconsciously or consciously. Let’s not forget that it can be very difficult for a man to break up with a girl face-to-face so he resorts these behaviors instead.

5: Body language changes

Contrary to what a man may tell you, pay attention to his body language. If he shrugs his shoulders instead of answering you or gives you a pathetic one shoulder hug, this is a sign that he is subconsciously and consciously uncomfortable with hugging you.

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