SR-22 Minnesota


You might look for affordable SR-22 insurance in Minnesota if a court or state has recently required that you obtain one. Minnesota SR-22 insurance does not exist and Minnesota does not use SR-22s.

All states, except Oklahoma, Kentucky, Minnesota and New Mexico, administer SR-22s and similar equivalents.

Only “at-risk” drivers need to fill out the form to confirm that they have and will continue having car insurance. An SR-22 is not a form of insurance and may be called something else by some states. No matter what form you are required to fill out, you must meet the requirements of your state.

What is “SR-22 insurance?”

An SR-22 is a legal requirement that a driver has minimum liability insurance coverage. It can be issued by a court or a state.

You don’t need to have insurance if you already have one. Your insurance provider can send a completed SR-22 to the state on your behalf. This form is called an insurance certificate in Minnesota.

You must find insurance providers that will insure SR-22-compliant drivers if you don’t already have insurance. Although you may encounter problems with smaller providers, most national providers will offer options so that you can still find the best car insurance for you.

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SR-22 Minnesota alternatives

You have no other options if you are required to obtain insurance certification. You must comply if you want to drive and keep driving your license. Your insurance provider must send the form to Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services.

This topic can be confusing as there are many forms in the U.S. similar to the SR-22. The judge or DMV will decide which one you should have based on your past and current convictions.

FormIssued by the StatesMinimum requirements for insurance
SR-22All other states, except Delaware, Kentucky and Minnesota.Standard liability
SR-19California and TexasStandard liability
SR-21Florida, Georgia, IndianaStandard liability
SR-22AGeorgia, Texas and MissouriStandard liability must be paid, but six months of insurance must also be paid.
FR-44Florida, VirginiaDouble liability
SR-50IndianaStandard liability
  • SR-19 Currently, SR-19s are used in two states. However, the requirements for each state are different. California’s SR-19 form is used by injured parties to inform the DMV that the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance. The injured party can then receive uninsured motorist coverage through his or her provider. It is a legally binding agreement between an injured party and the at-fault driver who has no insurance.
  • SR-21 This document is used to verify that you have insurance in place before an accident that caused bodily injury, death or property damage exceeding $1,000.
  • SR-22A An SR-22A, is a verification that a driver has insurance. Unlike an SR-22A, an SR-22A requires drivers to prepay 6 months of car insurance.
  • FR-4: A FR-44 is used for financial responsibility and is often required following a DUI. An FR-44 is a double liability policy that requires the driver to pay twice the amount. In Virginia, for example, the minimum required policy is a 25/50/25. A FR-44 mandate would require that a driver have a minimum of 50/100/50 policies in order to be legally able to drive.
  • SR-50 This is a form of financial responsibility that can be used to prove one’s financial responsibility in Indiana. It is usually required after a driver has been involved in too many accidents or has been convicted for a DWI.
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Non-owner SR-22

Minnesota residents who have an SR-22 obligation with another state must fulfill it even if they move to Minnesota. Even if your vehicle is no longer owned, this applies. You can obtain a non-owner policy from an insurance provider, which will satisfy the DMV in your home state.

Because you don’t insure a car, a non-owner policy can be cheaper than regular policies. This policy is great if you rent or borrow a car often.

SR-22A Minnesota

An SR-22A is very much like an SR-22. This is because drivers who have this requirement on their record have been convicted of multiple DWIs or have been arrested for driving while impaired. A judge will allow the driver to drive even though they have been convicted of multiple DWIs or were caught driving under the influence.

SR-22 Minnesota insurance costs

An insurance company will charge $15-35 to verify a policy. This is a once-off filing fee.

Remember that insurance certification for any reason will increase the premium. You will pay more if you have a long lapse between policies or get convicted of a DUI. Progressive says that if you have a clean driving record, the national average increase in an SR-22 (or any similar requirement) is only 5%.

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What length of time do I need to keep my SR22 in Minnesota for?

Minnesota doesn’t require SR-22s. However, the average time that other states require an SR-22 for is three years. Some states go up to five. You must fulfill the original requirement even if you have moved to Minnesota from another state. Your license and vehicle registration may be suspended if you fail to comply.

How can I obtain SR22 insurance for Minnesota?

You don’t need insurance if you have it. Simply call your provider to request verification from the DMV in the state that required the SR-22.

If you don’t have insurance, it is important to find a provider that will insure a driver who requires an SR-22. This is possible for most national providers. You should call before you submit an application. (Read: Best Car Insurance Companies in 2021

What is the Minnesota cost of SR22 insurance?

The filing fee should be between $15-35. However, the SR-22 mandate is more expensive. DUIs, multiple at-fault crashes, and DWIs will all increase the amount you pay relative to other drivers.

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What happens if my provider cancels me policy while an SR22 remains in effect?

If you cannot find another provider, your license and registration will be cancelled.

What is Minnesota’s alternative to an SR22 requirement

Minnesota doesn’t have a formal SR-22. However, it does have an online form which must be completed by insurance providers in order to be required to show proof of insurance.