Strategies for Improved Insurance Sales Marketing

An insurance agency can use a variety of sales strategies, such as direct mail, telemarketing and Internet Marketing. The Internet has changed the way we market and sell insurance products. An independent agent has many options for insurance marketing strategies that can help grow his business and increase profits.

A strategy that would allow you to have multiple, diverse sources of insurance revenue or lead generation rather than just one is one. Let’s take, for example, direct mail as the main method of generating new business. How will the business be affected if those postcards, flyers, and other contact methods stop working? It is essential to have an integrated strategy which combines all of the available information.

Other options include generating leads via the internet with a website that is search optimized and has a prominent call-to-action, space advertising and referrals. Joint ventures are also possible. This diversification is a good way to manage your money. You can try other marketing methods to ensure that the business doesn’t suffer if any one of them stops working.

Consistency and consistency are key

A short-term SEO campaign, sending just one email, running just one ad or forming a joint venture with another company will not produce the desired results. This is not how marketing works. Stick to your marketing plan for six months or a year. Sales and profits will begin to rise when you create momentum with structured efforts.

You can always try new marketing techniques if one fails. Test: For example, if you have a website and only one call to action, test it out. Then, change to another offer. You can test different approaches with direct mailers, online or offline. It is important to communicate consistently with your target audience.

Sequenced mailings

In a famous marketing study done several years ago it was determined that over 70% of all people who respond to an advertisement will ultimately buy the product or service being offered. Many of these people buy the product or service from another advertiser. This is because people only buy what they want to buy.

A person may be interested in a certain product or service but not necessarily ready to make a purchase. They will eventually be ready to purchase, so the company that sells them will be the one that stayed with them until that time. This is why it is so important to send them a second and final notice. Also, you can use postcards or emails to follow up with leads. You may be able to get some guaranteed sales by doing this.