Tips For Effective Database Maintenance


Many people might want to know how to maintain a production database. This information is most needed by professional DBAs. However, it may also be required from involuntary DBAs as they are rightly called so. This article will provide all you need to know about Index Maintenance. All involuntary DBAs who read this article will be able to gain a great deal of information about the Index Company as well as the related information. These are some tips to ensure that your database maintenance is efficient. These are the tips for database maintenance success:

5 areas to concern

There are many issues in the world and no one solution to all of them when it comes down to database maintenance. There are certain points that must be addressed in all situations. You will need to address them in every situation. The data and log file management, followed by Index fragmentation or Statistics are the main areas of concern. The next step is to address corruption detection and backups. If you allow maintenance to be too lax, it can result in errors on one or both of these fronts. This can lead to poor application performance, and sometimes even data loss. These issues can lead to more problems, so it is important to eliminate them at the beginning.

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Things to Do

You must ensure that data and log files are kept separate from each other in the Data and Log File Management. To ensure that the auto-growth configuration is correct, you need to be precise. Make sure that you have enabled instant file initialization. Next, disable auto-shrink. Shrink is not part of your maintenance plan. Also, you need to check for fragmentation in the data files. You can either go in for fragmentation of individual data or index pages, or you can go in to fragment the index or table structures that contain the pages. You will need to update statistics for the ones that have not been rebuilt. Also, you should do the same thing for the non-indexed columns. Next, you should remove excess transaction log file fragmentation. Finally, set auto-growth correctly.

These are all the tips to maintain a database. You should make it a point to turn off scheduled shrink operations, and then enable instant file initialization. To detect and remove index fragmentation, you must use the regular process. You won’t face any problem if you do all of the above correctly.

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