Use The AdWords Miracle To Get More Annuity Leads


Over the years, I’ve observed one thing in common with many insurance agents: they fear technology. Although not all agents fear technology, the majority of people reading this article likely do. However, I have found that most agents are afraid of technology. Some agents that I work with refuse to use email.

They are missing out on a wealth of targeted, fresh leads that can only been found online.

I am not referring to banner ads, pop-ups ads, or email spam. These are too broad and ineffective. Keyword advertising is what I am referring to. Although there are many options for keyword advertising, Google AdWords is the best. What is keyword advertising? Google will present you with two kinds of similar results if you search for annuity leads.


You’ll see organic results in the middle, which means that sites didn’t have to pay for listing. They are only relevant to your search term.


Other relevant results will be displayed in boxes on the right-hand column, directly above the middle results. These are paid results. To be listed on the site, companies pay per click and compete with one another.

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Keyword advertising’s magic is its ability to target specific keywords. When someone types in annuities, they are searching for information about annuities. For example, they might type in Spokane annuity agent Washington. This is a clear indication that they are searching for an advisor in Spokane to discuss annuities. The chances of someone typing in specific phrases like these are much higher than if they just browse a website looking for annuities. Does that make sense? This means that people are searching for you.

Google charges per click. You can get reasonably priced leads depending on the landing page, website and offer. A Google offer that I ran averaged $7.50 per lead. One in twenty-five leads I ran on Google was converted to a sale. My investment yielded huge returns and people wanted to meet me. I didn’t have to sell anything… the people were already looking to buy an annuity. I just walked into their vision. Easy.

Here is the scary part. How can you use Google AdWords. It can be complicated, especially for those who are not familiar with internet advertising. It is not possible to cover everything here. It can be complicated and I don’t recommend learning it the hard way. It is possible to lose a lot of money quickly. You can lose a lot of money quickly if you don’t know how to set up and run AdWords campaigns. I have read many e-books about the topic. The best and most comprehensive book on this subject is AdWords Magic. Although this book isn’t intended for the insurance industry, it is geared towards affiliate marketers. However, it is extremely useful and offers the same tips and techniques that are applicable to our industry. It’s easy to replace affiliate marketing with annuity advertising and it will still be relevant.

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Although the book is more expensive than others, you get what you pay for. In the first week of AdWords Miracle, you will be able to save all the money that you have spent on AdWords Miracle. It even includes landing pages and triggers for higher conversion rates. This book is truly valuable. AdWords Miracle and Google’s AdWords system are both excellent tools for laser-targeted lead generation.