Using Negative Advertising to Acquire Annuity Prospects


What is the best way to buy toothpaste? Colgate prevents you from getting cavities, or Crest is proven to be more effective in preventing tooth decay. But what about cars? Ford claims that their car is rated higher by GM than any other.

Advertising can be either positive or negative.

Negative advertising is focused on highlighting an existing problem. Positive advertising emphasizes the positive aspects of a product or company.

How do politicians get elected? Are they able to emphasize their positive qualities? Are they able to respect and play above the rest? Do they allow the election to stand?


They attack, attack and attack. They focus only on the negative aspects of their opponent, whether they are real or perceived. They win elections by focusing on the negative aspects of their opponent.

Negativity is not only a winning strategy for elections but also a great way to sell products. You can help prospects by instilling fear and distrust. This can help you make a lot of money.

How can you make money from negative advertising? It’s easy. This requires a new approach to insurance agents and companies. The insurance industry is focused on creating a professional image. Agents will emphasize their education, degrees, and involvement in their communities. This type of advertising is often a waste both time and money.

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Take a look at your own experiences. What was your last company-approved advertisement? How many people did it bring in? That is the question we both know. It’s unlikely that the results would even cover the cost of the advertisement if you had any.

Your success is dependent on your ability to use negative advertising. Talking about the company’s success with insurance advertising is a way to offer your target market exactly what they don’t want: a boring sales pitch. Your target market does not want to hear a sales pitch. They are looking for solutions to their problems. You can focus on what you are worried about and they will be drawn to you. You can offer solutions to their problems and give them security.

Seniors are most concerned about security and peace of mind. How can you do it? Recognize your enemy.

Who is the enemy? This is old thinking! LTC salespeople are an example.

Are you familiar with LTC insurance seminars or sales meetings? Listening to LTC ads on radio has been a great experience. Ever wonder why LTC insurance sales are so low when it is so highly touted as the next big market?

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LTC is a huge market. This market can provide a great source of income. It’s difficult to sell insurance.

To protect seniors’ assets, annuities can be sold to them.

It is not worth it to do anything else.

Let’s get back to advertising. What message is conveyed when an LTC salesperson advertises?

1. Their policies offer many benefits
2. Seniors need to protect their assets
3. Fear: Seniors without LTC may end up in a nursing home, where they won’t receive proper care.

It’s all there, you know it. Some of these points may even have been used by you.

Our goal is to combat the fear LTC salespeople and companies instill. We should create ads that raise questions about the competition and attack LTC as the solution to our target audience’s fear. This encourages your prospect to think about other solutions than LTC.

The goal is to instill fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the enemy.

Here are some examples of negative headlines that were used to achieve this:

Learn why so few seniors require LTC insurance.

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Learn what LTC insurance companies won’t tell you!

Learn what your LTC salesperson doesn’t tell you!

How to reduce your LTC insurance premiums by half

Get 50% off your LTC insurance premiums

Don’t fall for the trap! Learn if LTC actually works!

Get informed. LTC insurance is not for everyone.

This ad gives information about how to get in touch with your office.

These people don’t need to be forced into sales presentations. They must be educated. They will be more open to discussing their concerns with you and you will in turn use your time productively.