What Is The Best Life Insurance Company To Work For?

Selecting an insurance provider carefully is key when looking for employment in life insurance. A reliable insurer will offer both affordable premiums and outstanding customer care services.

NerdWallet conducted research into New York-based life insurance providers that sold life policies, and conducted an evaluation based on employee satisfaction data, industry rankings and complaints with state regulators. Here are their top picks: USAA, Allianz Life, and Progressive.


USAA provides its employees with many benefits in addition to competitive salaries. These benefits include healthcare coverage, flexible work arrangements and tuition reimbursement. Furthermore, employees have access to resources and services designed to foster personal and career advancement and growth. Lastly, their code of conduct outlines ethical standards they must abide by.

USAA can trace its roots back to 1922 when it was founded as the United Services Automobile Association. Although initially restricted to members of the military and their families, later expansion opened it up to civilians as well. USAA’s early success is largely attributable to its unique business model that relies on direct marketing rather than agents; USAA was also an early provider of online financial services – one of the first and now one of the leading e-banking services providers.

As USAA continued its rapid expansion, it became evident that more diverse services were necessary. Reorganization of bylaws allowed life insurance alongside property and casualty policies to be offered; new products such as investing and discount brokerage began being provided; finally USAA created a savings bank which now oversees over $33 billion of assets under management.

The company has earned praise for its focus on employee morale and training, its culture of service and dedication to veterans; in short, its dedication to both customers and employees has cemented its status as one of the premier life insurance providers.

Be it veteran or civilian, USAA can help you prepare for the future and meet your financial goals. By creating a budget and setting personal retirement goals together, they will enable you to determine how much money is required in order to retire comfortably.

USAA provides education and support services to help its members make wise investments choices. Their educational programs and workshops offer instruction on creating a retirement budget, assessing your current financial standing, and outlining a roadmap for your future. In addition, USAA can assist with selecting investments tailored specifically to each member’s needs to ensure retirement savings are protected for life.

Allianz Life

Are You Searching For Life Insurance That Offers Good Commission Rates And A Good Work Environment? Consider Allianz. This insurer is part of the Allianz Group, one of the world’s most prominent financial service providers. Employees at Allianz enjoy flexible schedules and generous retirement benefits as part of an employee wellness initiative program and community involvement opportunities through Black Employee Leadership & Opportunity Networking Groups like Allianz Pride or Green Team which contribute significantly to shaping its culture.

Allianz has been around for more than 150 years and is well known for its innovative annuity products, particularly its indexed universal life policies that grow investments based on stock market indexes such as S&P 500; they even come equipped with a guaranteed floor to protect policyholders’ assets in case of stock market downturns. Allianz also offers life insurance as well as various annuity and investment products to meet customers’ needs.

New York Life is the largest mutual life insurer in the US and has earned top ratings from major rating agencies, such as Standard & Poor’s, AM Best, and Moody’s. Their reputable company image can help agents secure customers and advance their careers more easily; furthermore they pay competitive salaries with excellent career advancement opportunities; their employees enjoy a friendly working environment complete with tuition reimbursement plans and employee stock purchase plans as part of the benefits package offered to employees.

Allianz has been recognized by various publications and organizations as one of the best workplaces, including Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 2022. Allianz’s employee-centered programs and initiatives promote professional growth, personal wellbeing and diversity equity inclusion – including its True Connections Sponsorship Program for diverse talent. Allianz fosters a culture of care by cultivating an environment for employees.

The company provides life and annuity products, retirement planning services, estate planning solutions and investment management to small businesses, large corporations and individuals alike. Their offerings include term life insurance policies; traditional life policies; group and individual accidental death and dismemberment coverage as well as health, long-term care and disability policies for individual customers and small business alike.


Progressive offers its employees a competitive employee benefits package, flexible work arrangements and career development opportunities. Progressive also provides paid time off, health and wellness programs, 401(k) plans, tuition reimbursement services and childcare services – helping employees manage both finances and personal lives while increasing employee morale.

Progressive’s employee benefits help attract and retain top talent, as well as provide options that meet employee’s individual needs and goals. If you have children, healthcare or childcare benefits might be most relevant for them; by researching and evaluating your needs, enrolling on time, reviewing available options and communicating with HR about these packages you can maximize their value for you and maximize the return on your employee benefits investment.

Progressive’s employee benefits include medical, dental and vision insurance policies as well as 401(k) plans with profit sharing features. Furthermore, free professional services designed to help employees reduce stress and cope with life’s challenges are also offered – this includes 24/7 in-the-moment telephonic support as well as virtual counseling sessions.

Progressive offers its employees flexible work arrangements, allowing them to work nonstandard hours or from home if desired, which contribute to a healthy work-life balance and promote mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Furthermore, Progressive boasts one of the world’s largest corporate art collections which helps foster a positive work culture while creating an excellent workplace atmosphere.

Progressive consistently ranks well on employee surveys regarding pay and benefits. Their employees rank the company’s perks and benefits among the top 15% of similar-sized companies; employees can take advantage of various perks including free auto insurance and retirement savings plans.

Progressive’s customer service representatives are well trained in handling complex situations with empathy and compassion, making their expertise invaluable for business operations. Furthermore, Progressive boasts an outstanding customer satisfaction rate which demonstrates its dedication to improving the customer experience.


MassMutual was established in 1851 and today stands as one of the premier life insurers in the U.S. They provide an array of policies including whole and universal life, riders and financial calculators which allow customers to determine exactly how much coverage they require. MassMutual also operates through a network of financial advisors who offer advice to policyholders.

Customer satisfaction rating at this company ranks highly, particularly its mobile app for managing policies and payments. Furthermore, financial strength ranks highly and has an established history of paying out claims promptly.

Customers have various life insurance plans available to them depending on their specific needs and budget, with rates determined by age, health status and amount of coverage needed. Their term life policy offers a guaranteed death benefit over time while whole life offers guaranteed death benefit plus cash accumulation over time. Furthermore, MassMutual also offers variable universal life (VUL) policies, which enable customers to invest premiums into investments of their choosing.

MassMutual offers not only life insurance policies, but also retirement and investment services. Their primary objective is generating long-term stable investment performance while meeting their financial commitment to policyowners. Their international insurance, asset management, retirement businesses are diversified sources of earnings while their long-term investment strategy includes diversification, prudent security selection and relative value analysis.

MassMutual also offers its employees other employee benefits, including dental coverage and a flexible spending account that enables employees to save pre-tax dollars for child care costs. Their workplace culture is welcoming and diverse, providing opportunities for employee engagement and volunteerism. In addition to employee-centered programs, MassMutual supports its community with initiatives like charitable giving and annual pride parades.

MassMutual offers employees who enjoy a challenge an opportunity to become leaders in their fields and make a direct contribution to the company’s success. Furthermore, its culture emphasizes teamwork and collaboration and the company is dedicated to helping employees lead healthy lifestyles and secure financial security for themselves and their families.