What to do after a hit-and-run in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has experienced a ” hit and run epidemic” over the past several years. There are approximately 40 hit-and runs per day. In 2017, police completed reports on nearly 29,000 hit-and-runs in Philadelphia. Although many hit-and run incidents resulted in fatalities or injuries, even colliding with vehicles or other property could lead to injury or death. In Pennsylvania, a hit and run can be defined as failing to report an accident or leaving your contact information.

Even though hit-and-runs are common in some parts of the state they can often be fatal.

Pennsylvania hit-and-runs

news article showed that Frankford, North Philadelphia and Kensington had the highest number of hit-and run cases in the state. Although Pennsylvania’s hit-and-run law provides penalties for drivers who do not stop, police may be overwhelmed by the volume of complaints they receive every day and are unable to investigate all of them. Many people take matters into their own hands and record hit-and-runs to submit evidence to local police.

Pennsylvania hit-and-run laws

Hit-and-run Pennsylvania statute (or Title75) states that drivers must immediately stop their vehicle at an accident scene to give information or aid others. Failure to stop following hitting an occupied vehicle can result in a third degree misdemeanor, which could lead to significant consequences including a $2,500 fine, imprisonment for up to one year, or both.

What impact do hit-and-runs have on Pennsylvania’s car insurance rates

The car insurance rates in Pennsylvania are lower than the national average. Pennsylvania drivers pay an average $1,476 annually for full coverage. Hit-and-runs can have a significant impact on your premium, just as other incidents in your driving record. Pennsylvania premiums will rise by approximately 50% if there is an at-fault incident. Hit-and-run is more serious and could result in a doubled premium.

Experts recommend that you immediately stop your vehicle if you are involved in an accident or collision. They will also suggest that you exchange information and accept financial responsibility. Avoiding an accident could result in higher premiums and fines.

Three things to do following a hit-and run in Pennsylvania

An accident can cause stress. Insurance is there to protect you financially. These steps will help you avoid being charged with a Pennsylvania hit and run.

  1. Stop: Pull over as soon as an accident occurs.
  2. Call for assistance: If anyone is hurt, check on all involved. You will need to call the police if any vehicles can’t be moved or need to be tow, if one party has fled the scene, or if there are injuries.
  3. Notify your insurance company. Once all injured parties are taken care of, call your vehicle insurance company to tell them about the accident. Photographs of the accident scene, damage, and witness statements may be required.

Is insurance available to cover hit-and-run?

Depending on the coverage you have, your vehicle insurance may cover a hit and run in many ways. There are two types of standard car insurance:

  • Minimum coverage for car insurance: If you have purchased Pennsylvania’s minimum coverage, liability coverage will pay for any damages or injuries that you cause to others. And if you were the victim of the hit-and-run, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will likely reimburse your expenses if the person responsible disappeared. Liability insurance won’t pay for repairs to your vehicle.
  • Full coverage car insurance: If your full coverage includes liability coverage, it will cover third-party losses. The collision portion may also help you pay for repairs to your car, even if it was your fault.

Questions frequently asked

What is the cost of car insurance in Pennsylvania?

Based on 2021 rates the average cost for car insurance in Pennsylvania is $427/year for minimum coverage and $14,76/year for full coverage.

What is the cost of my car insurance after a hit and run?

After a hit-and run in Pennsylvania, your premiums will be significantly increased by your car insurer. The average cost of car insurance in Pennsylvania after a hit and run doubled to $3,000.

What if I am involved in a hit-and run accident and have to pay a co-pay?

You will be required to pay your insurance deductible if you are found at fault in a Pennsylvania hit and run. Your claim payout may not include a deductible if you are the victim.