What to Do If You Don’t Agree With Your Insurer’s Evaluation For Your “Totaled” Car?


Your move to California was not without difficulties. It’s good to have car insurance, but it seems like your insurer has a different opinion about your “totaled car”.

Car insurance is important for many reasons. There are a few reasons you should have car insurance. Safety and financial risk prevention are two of the most important. California has many insurers that offer online car insurance quotes. Most of them have their own websites. If a policy is not in place, accidents can happen.

Super highways are one of the most accident-prone areas. Super highways are where cars travel at 80 mph. If two cars collide, it will cause serious damage to the vehicle. Car collisions at high speeds can result in total car wreckage. What if this happens? What should you do?

After a car accident, a driver should immediately check for fatal injuries and call 911. In areas like California, where there is a tort system followed by insurers, it is crucial to identify the driver at fault in an accident. As the tort system stipulates, the provider of driver-at-fault will pay for damages to your vehicle.

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What happens if your car becomes totaled? If you have auto replacement or supplement coverage, the insurer will pay for the entire cost of the repair and replacement. If you are the only driver in an accident, like a collision with a street sign or tree, and your car is totaled, your insurer may be able to pay the full cost of the repairs. Insurance companies have their own car values. They don’t use the National Association of Automobile Dealers or the Kelley Blue Book. Many policies use specialized software to determine the car’s worth in each region. Agency also consider the vehicle’s mileage and pre-accident condition. Gap insurance will protect your car from total damage. It will pay the difference between the amount you owe and the actual cash value.

What happens if you don’t have one? What should you do if your insurer does not offer a fair value for your car?

First, make sure to show the agency your vehicle is in good condition before the accident. To prove that your oil is changed every 3000 miles, present maintenance records. To help you evaluate your car, also present your car mechanic’s bill.

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Get a list from your agent of dealers that offer the same car as your insurance company’s claim. Sometimes, you may need to travel for hours in order to find the lowest price dealer.

A neutral party can review your case and offer a possible solution. This is known as mediation. You may also request an arbitration or binding decision.

You can take the matter to court if you’re still unhappy. You can always get California car insurance quotes online if all else fails.

Maria Lopez is an Iowa University professor of Media studies, Sociology and freelance journalistic work.