What to Do in an Event of a Car Accident

Car insurance should be purchased before you have been in an accident. Nobody wants to ruin a beautiful day by a car accident. These unfortunate events are not uncommon and it is important to know what to do when they happen. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in filing a claim with your auto insurance company.

Step#1: Emotions

Wham! It’s over! This is an important time to assess your chances of surviving the crash and whether you will be able to recover without being injured.

Step #2: First Things First

Instead of worrying about how you will file your insurance claims. Make sure that all passengers present at the accident site are safe and sound. You should check to see if anyone has been injured or needs medical attention immediately. Financial considerations shouldn’t be more important than the human life. You can activate the hazard lights to alert other traffic about your situation and prevent them from colliding with you.

Step #3: Keep it a secret

Everyone should get out of the car. Keep a safe distance from the accident site. The car may have sustained serious damage. It doesn’t matter how costly your car is, items can be replaced but precious lives cannot be replaced.

Step #4: Contact the authorities

Once you feel calm again, contact the police to inform them about the accident. You should give them exact details. Contact 911 and ask for assistance. You can give them the exact location of the crash to expedite the dispatching of help.

Step #5: Call an insurance company

Your insurance company should be notified about the accident. Your claims will be processed faster if you report the accident quickly. It is crucial that you choose a car insurance company with a 24-hour hotline. This will allow you to report the crash as quickly as it happens.

Step #6: Don’t admit fault

Do not admit guilt for an accident until you have the facts straight. Too many people are victims of the negligence of others and take the blame. The authorities should investigate this matter thoroughly.

Step #7: Complete the Claims Form

Many insurance companies will have a claims form available for you to complete so that you can give details about the accident and help them investigate. You will get your claims processed quicker if you complete this form as soon as possible. You should file a claim within 24 hour of the accident. Make sure you have all the necessary documents.

Step #8 – Prepare for the Calls

After you have filed the claim, get ready for the insurance company to call. It is crucial that you communicate with the officers in a clear and concise manner. You should not divulge your opinions because they can be used against you when evaluating the claims.

Step #9: Get your car fixed

This is the best time to restore everything to normal. Get your car repaired at the mechanic if it sustained damage in the accident. Most likely, you will receive a call from your insurance company. They would like to know more about the accident and get your feedback. Most likely, the insurance company will send an insurance adjuster to assess the extent of damage and then send it to a shop that has been approved for repairs.