Why You Must Have Effective Systems to Become Successful in the Insurance Or Financial Profession

Clients will be loyal to you if you provide exceptional service that exceeds or meets their expectations. Consistent is the key word. It means that you have to do it every client who does business with your company.

Agents have difficulty meeting or exceeding their clients’ expectations. For those few agents who do manage to meet clients’ expectations, it is not easy (or they don’t know how) to do so consistently.

One time, they might meet the client’s expectations. They may fail again. They may surpass them the third time. They may be able to meet them again the fourth time. They may fail again the fifth time. This cycle continues.

Imagine the negative impact this inconsistency could have on your clients.

Inconsistency can damage your credibility and drive clients crazy. They will stop buying from your company!

I am sure that you have had to eat at restaurants that served inconsistent food quality, poor service or both.

This inconsistency in service or quality didn’t bother you a bit, maybe a lot. It was because you weren’t sure what to expect next time you visited that restaurant. You may have decided to stop going back to that restaurant in order not be disappointed again.

This isn’t a unique problem in the restaurant industry. You have probably stopped doing business with other companies because they are inconsistent in quality, service or both.

What’s the deal?

It is possible that your clients will do the same.

This means that if you receive inconsistent quality or service from your agency or you, many or all of them may stop doing business with or even cease doing business with you, sometimes for ever!

You may be asking yourself this question right now:

How can I consistently meet my clients’ expectations? “

This is done by creating systems within your business.

A system, in short, is a method of doing things that follows a set or procedure that results in predictable and consistent results.

Or, to put it another way…

This System Will Allow You To Deliver Consistently A Minimum Standard Of Performance!

Once you have a system in place to meet the expectations of your clients, you will be able deliver exceptional service to them every time they do business.

Let me share with you an example of a company that uses incredible systems. This will help you to understand and appreciate the immense benefits these systems can bring.

Are you a frequent visitor to McDonald’s?

This is a multi-billion-dollar international business that’s being run efficiently and profitably by a group of teenage boys who are not more intelligent or disciplined then the teenagers you know.

Ever wonder how these kids can make food taste exactly the same every time and offer the same level service to everyone, regardless of where they are located in McDonald’s, Australia, New York, England, Australia or Japan?

You guessed it: they use SYSTEMS to accomplish the different activities of their business. These systems are so easy to use that any teenager can use them. The results will always be the same.

You always know what to expect when you visit a McDonald’s. This means you know what the food will taste like and what type of service you’ll receive.

Here’s the amazing thing about McDonald’s. McDonald’s is a popular place to eat in America, with more than 23 million customers.

If the food isn’t that great (and the prices aren’t much lower than other restaurants in the vicinity), then why do so many people still eat at McDonald’s every single day?

McDonald’s is a great restaurant that offers a unique benefit to their customers.

It is a mystery.

If you said…


McDonald’s customers feel in control because they receive consistent quality food and service every time they visit McDonald’s.

Is it possible to say the same about your agency?

Do clients feel in control when they do business with you?

If you promise to reply within 24 hours to customers, does that mean you will actually respond to them? If customers ask the same question to two of your employees about a claim will they get the same answers? If one of the things that you do for your clients is to send them birthday cards on their birthdays, does that mean every client gets a birthday gift every year?

If you answered “no” to any questions above, you are not equipped to give control to your clients.

Why is it important for clients, and also you and I, to feel in control of their lives?

There are many things in this wonderful world that don’t work as we expect. Many people experience frustration and discomfort in their day to day lives. There are many factors that they cannot control.