Best cheap homeowners insurance in Ann Arbor

By purchasing home insurance, homeowners in Michigan can protect their property and belongings in the event of a covered claim. With a median property value of $298,400, Ann Arbor, Michigan, residents pay on average $859 per year for $250K in dwelling coverage.

Ann Arbor homeowners can shop with multiple insurance companies to find the best affordable homeowners insurance. We compared prices, coverage options, and discounts to help you in your search. This average annual cost for home insurance is based on $250K worth of dwelling coverage. These comparisons will help you to find the lowest costs and provide you with coverage, even if you have more or less.

Ann Arbor’s best home insurance company

We compared quotes from top insurance companies to find the most affordable home insurance in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This was done based on market share and average rates. These are the five top Ann Arbor home insurance companies.


Auto-Owners offers homeowners insurance to Ann Arbor residents, despite the fact that auto is in their name. You can customize your coverage with features like special personal property, guaranteed replacement cost, water backup of sewer or drains and equipment breakdown insurance. According to the J.D., Auto-Owners ranks third in customer satisfaction. Power Home Insurance Study demonstrates its commitment to its policyholders.


Although most people associate AAA with roadside assistance, the company also offers auto and home insurance. The provider offers add-ons or endorsements for things like flood coverage, which may be something to consider as this natural disaster is not covered by standard homeowners insurance.


On top of the standard home insurance coverages, USAA also offers optional coverages for home sharing and earthquake coverage. USAA was ranked #1 in the Home Insurance Study. However, membership is limited to military personnel, spouses, and their children. Another feature offered to USAA homeowners policyholders is replacement cost on personal belongings at no extra cost, which is typical with some insurance companies.

The Hanover

Ann Arbor homeowners can choose from a variety of options at The Hanover to protect their home or belongings. As needed, service line coverage, water backup, and guaranteed replacement cost are available. If you have a high-value home, The Hanover offers a Prestige policy with additional features like loss mitigation expense, deductible waiver and flexible limits.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest home and auto insurer in the country, offering affordable rates for Ann Arbor homeowners with customizable home policies. Michigan residents can take advantage of State Farm’s roofing discount for having a qualifying impact resistance roof on their home. State Farm’s dedicated agents are available to provide personalized service if you need it.

Ann Arbor offers a variety of home insurance options

Though Michigan is considered one of the safest states from experiencing a natural disaster, weather events like earthquakes and tornadoes are still possible. In fact, 13 counties in Michigan were designated as natural disaster areas in 2020 with freezing, excessive rain, drought, flooding and high wind events. Ann Arbor residents have the option to purchase additional coverage for their homes and personal property, even though Washtenaw County does not fall under the category of those affected.

  • Equipment breakdownThis coverage will cover certain equipment that is not normally covered by homeowners policies. This covers your HVAC system, water heaters, water heaters, personal computers, generators and appliances as well as electrical panels, sump pumps, sump pumps, sump pumps, and electrical panel. Cost and coverage limits vary depending on the carrier.
  • Flood insuranceFlood insurance does not cover homeowners, but you can get it separately from your agent.FEMA. Flood insurance provides coverage for your home and belongings if they are damaged by a storm surge or heavy rain event.
  • Water backupThis add-on coverage is also known as backup of sewer or drains. It will cover your sump pump in case it fails, or sewer water backs into your drains or toilets.

Ann Arbor Home Insurance Discounts

Ann Arbor residents can save money on their home insurance by stacking discounts on their policy. These are some of the benefits you should consider adding to your homeowner’s policy.

  • Protective devicesA fire alarm, security system, or internal sprinklers will reduce the cost of homeowners insurance. They also protect your home against fire and burglary.
  • Multi-policyInsurance can save you money and make your life easier.
  • Claims are freeYou can save more on your home insurance if you wait to file a homeowners claim.
  • AffinityYou may be eligible to receive even greater savings on your home insurance if you are a member or a friend of a select group, such as a business, occupational, or educational group.

The amount you can save with discounts varies by company, but most often, the home and auto bundle discount offers the most savings. Home insurance can be saved even more if you aren’t subject to claims and have protective devices.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

The best home insurance company in Ann Arbor depends on your needs and budget. You can get quotes from several companies to find the best coverage and protect your home without having to pay a large premium every year.

What is the cost of Ann Arbor home insurance?

Ann Arbor homeowners insurance is an average $859 per year, for $250K of dwelling coverage. Rates and coverage requirements will vary depending on your home’s age, claims history, and the deductible that you select.

Ann Arbor: How much home insurance do you need?

Ann Arbor home insurance is determined by the cost of repairing the dwelling’s structure. An agent can assist you in valuing your property and determining the coverages and limits that will protect it.