Best homeowners insurance in New Hampshire


The home ownership rate in New Hampshire averages 75%, which increases the need to find the best homeowners insurance in the state. Fortunately for residents, New Hampshire home insurance rates are some of the lowest among its Northeastern neighbors — with an average annual premium rate of $724 for $250K in dwelling coverage, according to Bankrate’s 2021 study of quoted annual premiums. New Hampshire homeowners insurance suffered losses of $167 million in 2019. This makes it urgent to find the best home insurance.

New Hampshire’s best home insurance companies

When shopping for homeowners insurance, price is only one consideration. You should also consider the company’s financial rating as well as its track record in customer service. J.D. Power conducts a survey of the nation’s home insurance companies. Based on its 2020 U.S. Home Insurance Study, we’ve chosen a few top picks for New Hampshire homeowners.

Amica Mutual

Amica Mutual is ranked high in the J.D. Amica Mutual was second in the Power survey. The standard home insurance policy includes high levels of coverage for personal and bodily injury.

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MetLife now falls under Farmers Insurance Group. It is well-known for its digital assets such as the highly-rated mobile application. New Hampshire homeowners insurance is also offered at competitive rates by the company. The Guaranteed Replacement Coverage is another outstanding feature of the homeowners policy. This covers you for the actual cost to replace your home even if it’s more than its market value.

State Farm

State Farm provides excellent personal property protection, and allows you to expand your standard dwelling coverage. State Farm agencies operate throughout New Hampshire, offering a full portfolio of coverages including boat, health, life and recreational vehicle insurance.


Allstate is consistently ranked among J.D. Power’s top home insurers. It continues to operate local insurance agencies and offers a variety of insurance products. Allstate’s claims process allows you to file a claim by calling their national claims center, contacting your local agent, or using the Allstate mobile application.


J.D. consistently ranks USAA among the top home insurance companies. Power ranks USAA among the top home insurance companies. It continues to operate local insurance agencies and offers a variety of insurance products. Allstate’s claims process allows you to file a claim by calling their national claims center, contacting your local agent, or using the Allstate mobile application.

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What is the cost of homeowners insurance in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s average home insurance cost is $724 per year for $250k of dwelling coverage. This is well-below the national average of $1,312. Compared to its neighbors, New Hampshire averages below Maine home insurance, which comes in at $956 annually. However, New Hampshire does cost slightly more than Vermont, which averages $686 per year.

New Hampshire home insurance

New Hampshire is prone to extreme weather conditions. It’s a smart decision to get the best homeowners insurance coverage.

Loss in New Hampshire: Common Causes

New Hampshire residents are exposed to several types of risk:

  • Hurricanes: New Hampshire homeowners are most at risk from hurricanes. Flooding can occur in your home due to high winds or water damage. Hurricanes can also cause roof damage.
  • Storm surge: Hurricanes can also create storm surge in New Hampshire, making it a particularly vulnerable state. New Hampshire ranks as the 19th highest state in the nation for storm surge risk. This is when water surges onto the shore, causing flooding.
  • Winter storms: Ice storms and Blizzards can cause havoc in northeastern areas. Burst pipes, collapsed roofs, downed power lines and tree branches are all common damages. There is a moderate chance of earthquakes, wildfires, and tornadoes in the state.
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New Hampshire offers a variety of home insurance options

When choosing coverage options for your homeowners insurance, it is important to consider the above risk factors. These options may be worth looking at in addition to dwelling coverage:

  • Flood insurance: Although flood insurance is not usually included in standard insurance policies, it can be very important for people who live in flood-prone areas like New Hampshire’s coast. You can buy a separate policy for damage due to floods from your insurance provider or through FEMA‘s National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Water backup and sewer coverage. The standard home insurance policy doesn’t cover you if there is a water overflow or a sewer backup in your home. Many insurance companies offer water backup and sewer coverage as an optional endorsement.
  • Earthquake insurance. Although the average home insurance policy doesn’t include earthquake insurance, you can add it to your policy. Most insurance companies will offer endorsements for this coverage.

Questions frequently asked

Which New Hampshire insurance policy is the most affordable?

The cost of homeowners insurance can depend on many factors, including your credit score, the age of your home and its location. According to Bankrate’s study MetLife and USAA have the lowest home insurance rates available in New Hampshire.

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How can I obtain homeowners insurance in New Hampshire

New Hampshire homeowners insurance is sold by more than 100 companies, including major providers like Allstate, Amica Mutual, and State Farm.

Are rural New Hampshire homes more expensive to insure?

It is possible to be very expensive to insure rural homes, depending on how close they are to emergency services. The best rates are offered by insurance companies for homes within 5 miles of a fire station or 1,000 feet from a fire hydrant.