Driving without insurance in Arizona

You don’t want your vehicle to be caught without insurance in Arizona. All Arizona vehicle owners must have insurance. No insurance can result in a ticket, a fine, suspension of your license, and other consequences.

It’s important to be aware of the penalties for driving without insurance in Arizona, especially since Arizona recently increased its liability limits. Let’s start by looking at the laws that determine how much insurance you will need in Grand Canyon State.

Arizona car insurance laws

Arizona , like most states, requires that all drivers have liability insurance. This insurance covers you if you cause injury or damage to another person’s vehicle.

As we mentioned, Arizona has recently raised the minimum liability requirements for your auto insurance policy. In July 2020, the new minimum limits became effective. Arizona drivers now need

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $50K bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • $15,000 in property damage liability

You might find 25/50/15 written on your insurance policy.

Even if you have insurance, Arizona can cite you for driving without it. This is because the state transport code requires that you provide proof of your insurance coverage in the event of an accident, or when asked by law enforcement officers.

Let’s suppose you are pulled over by the police and cannot find proof of your insurance coverage. If you get a ticket but can show in court that the insurance you have was valid, you should dismiss your case. This will help you avoid the headache. However, this doesn’t give law enforcement officers access to any other information on your phone.

If you want to avoid getting a ticket for having no insurance, there are two things you must do: you need to have the required liability coverage, and you need proof that you have it in your car. In case your phone goes out or you are stuck in an unfamiliar area, it is a good idea for your car to have a copy of your insurance cards.

Driving without Arizona insurance can result in severe penalties

You can drive without insurance in Arizona. The penalty for driving in Arizona without insurance increases depending on how often you have been caught.

First violation

Your license is suspended for three months and you are subject to a minimum $500 fine. Your registration and plates are also suspended for three months.

Second violation

You can be charged with no insurance if you are cited twice within 36 months. Your license, registration, and plates will be suspended for six months.

Third violation

Three or more driving violations in Arizona without insurance within 36 months can result in a minimum $1,000 fine and a license, registration, and license plate suspension of one year.

After your license is reinstated, your insurance provider will need to file an SR-22 at AZDOT for you. You might also have to pay a small filing fee. This can make your auto insurance more costly.

Driving without insurance in Arizona can result in you being fined and losing your license. You could also be charged with misdemeanor offense. You want to avoid getting a ticket without insurance. This simply means that you should purchase auto insurance that covers the required amount of liability.

In an accident and not having insurance

Driving without insurance in Arizona is a headache. Driving without insurance can lead to an even more difficult situation, especially if you are the one who caused the accident.

In theory, liability coverage covers the cost of damages if an accident occurs. If you don’t have insurance, you will need to pay the bill. This could result in thousands, or even tens to thousands, of expenses you are suddenly responsible for paying. If you are unable to pay the amount, you could be sued by the other driver or their insurance company. Your wages may then be garnished until you pay the full amount.

You are better off if you weren’t at fault. Your car should be repaired by the other driver’s liability coverage. The state will still be aware that you drove in Arizona without insurance. All of the penalties listed above will apply to you.

Questions frequently asked

Which Arizona insurance policy is best?

You want the best car insurance policy for the best price. We have you covered. We have compiled the best car insurance companies in Arizona so that you can get quotes from each. Your friend or neighbor might have a different opinion about the best insurance company for them. How much coverage you need and what you pay depends on how your car is driven, your driving record, and any discounts you are eligible.

Do I have to update my auto coverage to comply with the new liability coverage requirements

Absolutely. Arizona has now adopted 25/50/15 coverage requirements as of July 2020. You can still drive around with coverage limits of 15/30/10 if you don’t have an insurance company. Contact them immediately to get the minimum requirements.