How to Find Low Cost Motor Trade Insurance


It is important to realize that every type of auto business could save money on their Motor Trade Combined Insurance and liability insurance premiums. Help could be available for anyone, from body shops and MOT stations to paint sprayers to companies involved in vehicle sales.

No matter how big or small your company is, these simple, but highly effective tips can help lower your Motor Trade Insurance premiums. All this without sacrificing on coverage, service, or the excess or deductible that you pay.

Motor Trade Insurance tip 1: Use an insurance broker who truly understands your needs. While a one-size-fits all policy can save you time when you get a quote, it may not provide the coverage you need. You should make sure that you work with an insurance broker or company who can help you understand your needs and offer advice to reduce your risk exposure. They are often able to access policies, schemes, and other facilities that are not available from other insurance companies. You can expect them to be able tailor a policy to meet your needs while saving money on your motor trade insurance premiums.

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If you think that using a Motor Trader Insurance Specialist is more likely to get you the right insurance coverage for your Combined Motor Trade Insurance, then how do you find out who these Motor Trade Insurance Specialists are?

It is now much easier to find experts and specialists in certain types of insurance. A simple search on Google, Yahoo, or MSN will likely yield a list with specialists for the type you are seeking. However, you need to be cautious about whether the company claims they are experts in Motor Trade insurance. You are best to call them and ask questions. It is much more effective to ask them questions than wait for them to answer your questions. This will help establish if they are really experts and are knowledgeable about the subject. Ask them questions such as which insurance companies they use, and how long they have been providing motor trader coverage. This will increase your chances of finding the right Motor Trade Insurance for your company while also lowering your premiums.

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One tip that can help you pay less for your insurance. Although it might not sound right at first, if you try it and it works, there are many other ways to save money. When you’re asked about your current premium for Motor Trade insurance, be honest. When asked this question by an insurance company, or broker, most motor traders feel they shouldn’t tell the truth or make up a price because they don’t think they will get the best price. You are more likely to get the best price if you can find a company that offers it.

These two simple, but very effective tips will help you lower the cost of your insurance. It’s worth a try. You will be able to pay less for motor trade insurance over the next year.

Mark Burdett, NCinsurance wrote this article. Mark has more than 17 years of Marketing experience in Financial Services and has worked on campaigns such as those for Kia, Norwich Union and Zurich.