Is There a Wrong Time for Temp Car Insurance?

If you are wondering whether you need temporary car insurance, the answer is likely to be “Yes!” With the exception of agents who are paid a living from the industry, I don’t know of anyone who is obsessed with insurance and how it protects us every day. Most drivers don’t worry about insurance as long as they have a valid policy and their card is kept in the glove box.

You don’t automatically have protection for anything you touch or use, just because your vehicle and home are covered. There will be times when you’ll need to use a different vehicle, truck or car than you own. Even if a friend or family member gives permission, they may say: “Don’t worry, I have good coverage.” You should seriously think about purchasing a cheap policy for temporary car insurance. It is easy to purchase and find online. In the worst case, it can save you years of financial ruin and regret.

Accidents can occur at any moment to anyone. Your family’s car is destroyed and your life becomes difficult. Now you are faced with additional expenses and problems that you don’t need. You can make it worse by having the accident in another vehicle. They didn’t ask for it. They were doing a good thing. You may not have the luck to have your policies cover a large portion of the costs of repairs and any medical bills. Good luck with collecting any legal settlements. Guess who is going up in rates! These consequences will be shared by both of you. Your friend may lose the accident-free annual rebate or no-claims discount she worked hard for. All of these problems could have been avoided if either you or your friend had simply called your agent to get a temporary car insurance policy that provided some basic coverage.

In a perfect world, I believe that the accident didn’t happen because you bought temporary car insurance before she even turned the ignition of her car. It can be called Karma for being a mature adult, or it could be blamed on your recent exposure to all things related to insurance while researching and purchasing the temporary car insurance.

To the friend doing the favor: You are free to insist that they purchase temporary insurance for the time they will be driving. They can then borrow the car. And lastly, one final piece of advice. Don’t let friendship turn you into a fool. Make sure you get the facts. Ask them about their driving record and ask for the following: Are there any outstanding warrants? You know that the impound fees they charge for your car being left in the police impound lot compound every day. It happens. You’re not being rude. You are being responsible and protecting your assets. You are acting responsibly and protecting your assets.