What is FR-44 Insurance?

In most U.S. states, driving without insurance is illegal. However, for some drivers, the high cost of insurance makes it impossible to afford. Many are forced to live without insurance. The penalties for driving without insurance can be severe. FR-44 insurance may be the best solution. FR-44 insurance is a document that proves high-risk drivers have the minimum required auto insurance.

Bankrate understands the difficulties of getting car insurance. This is especially true if you are high-risk driver and have to pay high premiums. You can’t afford to leave without car insurance, especially when the consequences and penalties are so severe. We can help you find the best FR-44 car insurance.

What is FR44 Insurance?

FR44 Insurance is also known as a Certificate Of Financial Responsibility. While the FR-44 is not actually insurance itself, it does prove that you carry the minimum amount of car insurance required by your state.

If your record contains more serious offenses such as DUI (driving under influence), DWI (“driving while impaired”), or driving with a suspended license, FR-44 insurance will be required. This insurance is similar to SR-22 insurance, but the requirements are much different.

An FR44 has more strict terms and requirements than the standard SR-22. It can also have long-term ramifications such as higher future insurance premiums. Insurance companies will most likely consider you a high-risk driver if you have a record of serious offenses. This will result in a higher annual premium.

What does an FR44 mean for my insurance?

It can be much more difficult to get auto insurance if you’re a high-risk driver. To account for your higher risk, insurance companies charge higher rates. This is true even if you get approved. To account for this increased risk, an FR-44 can often mean that you will need to purchase additional auto insurance coverage. You may be required to pay premiums upfront by some providers on an annual, bi-annual or monthly basis.

States where FR44s are mandatory

Two states require an FR-44 form: Virginia and Florida. While both states require the form from your insurance, the requirements for each state differ.


The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires that you obtain an FR-44 if you have committed certain offenses on or following January 1, 2008, or if you have been mandated per court order to continue FR-44 certification.

If you have any of these crimes on your records, an FR-44 will be required.

  • Driving with a suspended or forfeited license
  • Driving under the influence
  • Under the influence
  • Violation of any federal or state law, local, similar to the one above

Virginia FR-44 requires you to purchase only a minimum amount of coverage. You can get the following coverages for liability coverage.

Virginia FR-44 Insurance Requirements


While set up similarly to Virginia, the Florida FR-44 carries far more significant penalties. As a popular vacation spot, Florida carries a higher rate of DUIs and DWIs than the national average, so state officials have cracked down on the penalties for those with a DWI or DUI conviction.

However, there is one caveat: if your DUI/DWI conviction occurred before February 1, 2008 you do not need to apply for an FR-44. Florida drivers must have an FR-44 for any subsequent convictions.

Florida has a significantly higher requirement for liability coverage than Virginia.

These amounts will help you choose the right insurance provider to provide you with the minimum coverage you require and to submit the FR-44 required to the state. Failure to obtain an FR-44 may result in your driving privileges being suspended and your vehicle registration being cancelled.

How to get an FR-44 with no car

Some FR-44 holders don’t own a car. Some people want to keep their driver’s license valid so they can drive whenever they need. If you lose your car insurance, it can lead to higher car insurance premiums.

If you have a valid driver’s license but do not currently own a car, non-owner car insurance will ensure that you have uninterrupted auto insurance coverage that protects you if and when you slide behind the wheel.

Non-owner auto insurance policies generally include both bodily injury liability as well as property damage liability. Your non-owner policy may also include coverage for uninsured motorist and medical expenses. Rental or borrowed vehicles are not covered. Additional insurance is required for things like collision, comprehensive, and towing coverage.

FR-44 vs SR-22

An FR-44 certification is only available in Florida and Virginia. However, an SR-22 certification is widely used all over the country.

An SR-22 is similar to an FR-44 but does not have such strict requirements. It requires you to have the minimum amount of liability required by your state.

Questions frequently asked

What is the cost of an FR-44?

Your insurance company handles the FR-444 for you. You will have to pay them directly. It is usually between $15-25, and most providers add it to your auto insurance premium.

What FR-44 coverage is required in Virginia?

You will need the following coverage to get an FR-44 certificate in Virginia:

  • Bodily injury coverage per person: $50,000
  • Accident Bodily Injury Protection: $100,000
  • Property damage coverage: $40,000

What FR-44 coverage is required in Florida?

You will need minimum coverage if you reside in Florida and require an FR-44.

  • Bodily injury coverage per person: $100,000
  • Bodily injury coverage per accident: $300,000.
  • Property damage coverage: $50,000

How do I file my FR 44?

You must first have the minimum insurance coverage before you can apply for an FR-44. You must notify your insurance company that you require an FR-44 before you buy a new policy. The company will then submit it to the state.