Your Auto Insurance And Your Teenager

Unfortunately, data on teenage drivers is not available. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 16-year-old drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents than drivers between 30 and 59 years. This is why car insurance premiums for this age group are higher.

Good news is that not all auto insurance companies view young drivers in the same way as the IIHS. These auto insurance companies may offer discounts to help you reduce your costs. Remember that high risk means higher insurance premiums This principle should be used when you are looking for insurance.

These are some tips to help you keep your insurance premiums low and your teenage driver’s license clean.

* Help your teenager learn the traffic laws and follow them. Your teen’s driving record should be clean of traffic violations. This will make it easier to maintain low insurance premiums. As their parent, you should be familiar with the traffic laws in your state and teach your children to respect them.

Show others. These are some questions to ask yourself: Are you a speeding driver or a reckless driver? Are you yelling at other drivers while driving? If the answer to these questions is yes, it will be hard to expect anything different from your teenagers. To demonstrate patience while driving, and to show how to follow traffic laws in your state, make it a habit. Remember that your actions speak louder then your words.

  • Add your teen driver on your policy. You don’t need a separate policy for your teen driver. Instead, you can add them to your policy as an extra driver. They will receive any discounts that are currently on your policy.
  • Register them for a driver education class. Teen drivers can get discounts if they take certain driving classes. You should contact your insurance company before you make this decision. This will help you avoid paying a lot of money for courses that are not acceptable.
  • Boycott sports. Parents may want to live in the shoes of their teenage children by purchasing them a fast sports car. You will be able to get lower premiums if you focus on getting your teen driver an affordable, reliable, and safe vehicle. This will reduce the temptation for your teen driver to drive fast.
  • Ask them to help. Explain to your teen driver how much auto insurance costs and what the family budget is for it. To help reduce the cost of their car insurance, give them the chance to participate in chores. This tactic could make them feel like they are an adult.
  • Talk about the dangers associated with drinking and driving. This is an extremely difficult topic to talk about, especially for teenagers who feel like they already have it all under control. Take some time to explain to them that this is a very important topic for their safety and the safety of others.
  • Traffic school is an option. Encourage your teen driver to attend traffic school if they get a ticket for driving without a license.
  • You can take them on a ride. Although your teenager may have been a safe driver when they got their license last year, don’t assume bad driving habits haven’t developed since. Take a ride with them to the grocery store or the movie theater. This will allow you to observe their driving habits and not be confrontational. You can point out any bad driving habits they are exhibiting and explain why. You should praise them even more for their good driving.

These ideas will make it easier for you to navigate the teenage driving years safely. You will also be able to keep your auto insurance premiums down by not being an 800-pound gorilla.