Insurance, Fear Of The Unknown

Why do we need insurance in this world?

In the olden days, when the earth was flat and everyone lived in the same time zone, you wouldn’t have known much about insurance other than maybe leaving some as insurance for a loan.

Although there is nothing wrong in the idea of insurance, it certainly has its place in the larger picture.

It is not right that many people are forced to sign for insurance policies they do not need.

There are many top-notch insurance companies, but there are also a few that just want to make a quick buck and cause you endless problems.

A large percentage of people’s income goes to insurance, life, health, car, and household. Insurance companies offer many other policies to cover for possible unexpected events.

Insurance is always hedged against a loss. Our inherent fear is unmistakably the selling mechanism for insurance.

Fear of the unknown is something that we all have. Your insurance agent will accompany you to the unknown and help make your fear disappear.

Imagine this: you and your spouse are sitting in the dining area, and the agent is directly behind you. He is seated in front of you and will tell you about the unfortunate family that failed to get insurance. Before they could sign contracts, the unthinkable happened. Now they are stuck with no place to go.

This is something you don’t want to happen to. These stories are followed by a few photos and stories about people who took out insurance quickly. You are sorry for the family in distress and wish them well.

Your mind paints a picture of your fear of what might happen tomorrow. You don’t want that to happen and you can be prepared for it.

The agent will explain all benefits that you will receive if you purchase this policy now. Considering what you just heard and seen with photos, it seems like a great idea.

After looking at your wife and you, the insurance agent waits for an answer. He doesn’t speak and then there is a strange silence. He explains several points to you and then asks if there are any other questions. Because you don’t know better, you answer “no”. He gives you the contract along with a pen.

This is pure sales. It’s the pitch, the overcoming of objections, and the closing of the sale.

You can cancel your contract at any time, but it will likely take you a whole day and cause endless irritation.

Strange thing is, that even though you bet that it will happen, the insurance company believes that it won’t. Insurance companies, on the other side, bet that it won’t happen.

It is very logical, if you think about it. How else would an insurance company make money? They are in business to make profits, regardless of whether you believe it. It is perfectly acceptable.

Be careful when buying insurance that is based on emotion. This is a contradiction because insurance purchases are made on the basis of emotion. You might think logic is involved but it is very small.

Don’t sign anything immediately. Give yourself a day to look over the material and allow your emotions to settle before you make your final decision. You should also take the time to read the written material and the very fine print.

Although it is a pain in the but, it will give you an indication of what you won’t be getting. Talk to the agent once more and explain all points that you don’t like about the policy.

Fear of the unknown can be your greatest enemy. Fear of the unknown is your greatest enemy. However, you can conquer it. Take time to think things through before you buy insurance. Don’t be pressured into signing contracts that aren’t worth much or no value when you need them.